Hello, and welcome to my Web site!

I sell stamps to collectors on approval. You can start the
approval service right here at this homepage.

I also list some items for outright sale at this homepage. These
special offers are items I'm over stocked with or do not need for my approval service.

Professional affiliations:
I'm dealer member #105071-D of the American Philatelic Society, and I am also a charter member of the National Stamp Dealers Association and the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations.

You can check my status with the American Philatelic Society, in their
Dealer Directory.

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Personal information:
I started collecting stamps as a young boy in Redding, CA in the 1950’s. When I was 18 years old I met a serious collector of US Stamps who had purchased a large collection from a local lawyer and had acquired a lot of duplicate stamps. I learned a great deal from him and bought many of his extra stamps, including my first set of mint Graf Zeppelins (US #C13-15) for the princely sum of $135 - a lot of money in 1958!

I continued to collect for the next couple of decades but harbored a desire to try my hand at being a stamp dealer. In 1979, I met a fellow worker who had a part time stamp approval business. When he learned of my desire to become a stamp dealer, he invited me to his home where he explained how he went about it. At the conclusion of our visit, I bought a substantial amount of his excess inventory and began my own modest approval business. Since retiring from my regular job in 1993, my approval business has grown, and today I have a number of very satisfied customers who have been buying stamps from me for many years — in some cases decades.

My goal is to provide personalized service to my customers, sending them just the stamps they need for their collections in the condition they prefer and at prices they can afford.

I hope the you will give me a chance to help you meet your philatelic needs!